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Rapscallion is a mischievous and vibrant part of Hamilton’s restaurant scene, dedicated to offering the city’s culinary connoisseurs a full nose-to-tail experience.

Every day from 5 p.m. ’til close we offer a regularly changing, meaty and creative blackboard menu in a laid-back setting. Our skilled and passionate chefs do it all, whether it’s curing, salting, boning, stuffing, wrapping, charring, braising, or just leaving the meat raw.

Above all, we love preparing food that pushes boundaries and pulls you outside of your comfort zone — just a little bit. We get tremendous joy out of food and offer menu items that you are unlikely to find at other local restaurants, such as oxtail, pig’s head, stuffed saddle of rabbit and tongue ‘n’ cheek.

While we love meat more than some people love their firstborn, we are always very happy to accommodate those who don’t. Vegetarians and vegans are always welcome, and our meatless menu is available seven days a week! Also, for those of you that are gluten-free, gluten-conscious, celiac, wheat-averse, hipster-gluten-free, gluten-intolerant, gluten-sensitive, gluten-allergic, wheat-intolerant, non-celiac-gluten-sensitive, barley-hating, or just think wheat is kinda scary looking, we offer almost everything without gluten. We look forward to seeing you.

We are a proud member of The Other Bird family.

Sample Menu

Our menu changes often, but it looks a lot like this!

Charcuterie & Mickey McGuire’s Cheese
The Rudolph — Venison Tartare, Pickled Tomato, Frisee
Roasted Mushrooms — Garlic, Thyme, Oyster & Cremini Mushrooms
Who Stuffed Roger Rabbit? — Stuffed Rabbit Saddle, picked Rabbit Casoulet
The Best Grilled Cheese On The Planet
Confit Hen — Schmaltz Confit Cornish Hen, Pork Hock Tater Tots, Mushroom Tomato Sauce
Pressed Lamb — Lamb Shoulder, Mint Sauce, Crepe Noodle
The Spaniard — New Potato, Chorizo, Quail egg
Foie Gras — Quail Egg in Toast, Maple Butter, Sumac
Bone Marrow — Ancho Gremolata, Pickles & Herbs
Blackened Basa — Soft Polenta, Mango Salsa, Chili Oil
Veal Brisket — Braised Brisket, Pickled Brussels Sprouts, Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Cumin Carrots — Heirloom Carrots, Orange, Cumin
Smoked Duck — Cold Smoked Duck Breast, Choucroute
Puff Pizza — Butternut Puree, Manchego, Prosciutto
Salt Cod Brandade — Warm Salt Cod Dip, Gruyere, Bread
Shrimp & Pork Belly — Pork Belly, Green Curried Shrimp
Lettuce Turnip the Beet — Escarole, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Fresh & Pickled Beets
Upcoming Events

Two Can Dine For $69!

It’s the best date night ever. Any four plates, two glasses of wine and dessert for just $69. Every single Tuesday night (except on occasions like Valentine’s Day). Show someone you love them with food and wine. (It’s the key to *our* heart.)

Every Day Is Meatless

Monday used to be the day for our vegetarian and vegan friends. But, now you can love our meatless fare *every* day! Our brand new vegetarian- and vegan-friendly menu is now available seven days a week.

(Don’t fret — our regular meat-y menu is still available every day, obviously. Because you shouldn’t have to go a day without bacon.)



Is there parking?
While we don’t have our own parking lot, there are numerous on-street spaces and Green P lots nearby.

I want to bring a picky eater, is there any food for them?
Absolutely! We always have items that are loved by all such as grilled cheese, mini burgers and stuffed chicken wings.

Is there anything to eat for a vegetarian?
We always have a bunch of options for vegetarians and vegans. We even have a completely vegetarian/vegan friendly menu available seven days a week!

Do you host private functions?
Yes, we do! Please contact us by phone or email and we will give you any information you are looking for.

Are you still only open on Sundays?
No, we are open every day from 5 p.m. Please call or email first to ensure a table.